Misdirected billions

To the editor:

The news media has been going crazy about the conditions on the border for the immigrants streaming across and, of course, all claiming asylum. We taxpayers are footing the bill to the tune of billions of dollars to care for this invasion, which have been more than 500,000 individuals so far this year. Many send their children unaccompanied. Some come with children that are not family to make it easier to get into this country. The border is being overwhelmed, facilities are overcrowded, staff is maxed out, and our government is supposed to supply these people with good living conditions.

So who does our mainstream media blame? Of course it is that villain President Donald Trump.

It is very hard to get a handle on how many billions are being spent by taxpayers on these people who are taking full advantage of our awful immigration laws. Most every source has a different number. Nobody knows for sure. The bottom line is that we have Veterans in this country who need more help, the homeless population is exploding, Social Security and Medicare are going broke, but we have billions to spend on immigrants. This seems to me to be borderline (no pun intended) insanity.

Remember that 4% of Americans are millionaires but 51% of our politicians are millionaires, and these people on both sides are out of touch with reality. We need these billions to be going to Americans, not lawbreakers and those claiming asylum. No one in this country should be getting less than $1000 each month for Social Security. If these billions spent on immigrants were redirected to our people, the economy would prosper, and we would have more older Americans who are able to make ends meet. We taxpayers did not ask these people to come here, and we should not have to foot the bills for politicians trying to get their votes.