To the editor:

With “Mother’s Day” just having been celebrated, could we imagine mother not being here, and all the things that she does to keep things going in this life? Think about it, friends, when I say “Mother’s Day” should be every day of the year.

Did you know sometimes we human beings do not stop and think all the responsibilities a mother has and, in most cases, are taken for granted? As we start out in life growing up to become a teenager, finishing school and then perhaps marrying that woman we love, we don’t realize at that moment going forward of all the things she does to make our life more desirable. I guess someone preparing our meals, keeping the home cleaned, writing the checks and, yes, even working for that extra income means that’s what a woman is suppose to do.

In most cases the man has it made in this world; while the woman can always find, it seems, something to do after all the other chores are taken care of. Let me not forget “child bearing.” I did hear one time, “If a man had to bear a child, there would only be one.” With that said bringing a child into this world for a woman is a painstaking thing, and raising that child for 18 years is a major, expensive job.

In today’s world a child needs its mother, especially, and the father, too. It takes two to raise a child properly and provide all the things a child needs.

Finally be glad you still have a mother, because, as you know, one day the words “I love you” can never be said again, as mother will be gone forever. Happy belated Mother’s Day to all.