Persistence is a lesson to teach young people

To the editor:

We as parents need to teach kids and grand kids to look beyond the politics of anything and teach them how persistence and determination pay off.

My grandson played parks-and-rec football. One year he had gained a few pounds over the summer, and because of that he was put through a strict guideline. Officials marked his and others’ helmets with a little red tape, and these kids were limited to about one position on the field. I thought that to be so humiliating at such a young age.

I think that was why my grandson quit football over the next few years. He wouldn’t play, but I kept taking him and his little brothers to the school, throwing those bullets to them. After school he would go into the backyard. He was set up a tarp as a target. I would sit back and watch, and he probably didn’t even know that anybody was watching. About 9 out of 10 times he would hit his target.

His ninth-grade year Dryus Hairston walked on the field as Magna Vista High School’s varsity quarterback. His little brother is an A-B honor roll student at Laurel Park, and MJ (Marcy Jr.) is waiting to follow in his brothers footsteps.



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