Racism still very much present

To the editor:

A recent letter (“How about reverse racism?” June 19) asked us to mend racial divides but, in my opinion, did little to further that cause. The first part engaged in rampant speculation about a recent employment discrimination case – one in which I hope no one would claim “reverse racism” without having read the complaint and response, any evidence, and the judge’s decision. The “truth” that the author purports to point out is mere conspiracy theory. Nothing more.

“But what about all these black organizations? Where are the white organizations?” the author shouts. I look back at my almost-40 years and have seen quite a few White clubs: television, history books, universities – lots of places where I see most everyone look like me. That a minority group wishes to celebrate accomplishments and achievements often ignored by mainstream institutions should be appreciated, not discouraged.

I do not know what the author meant by “indiscretions,” but I hope he included the hundreds of years (give or take a few) of physical, political, social, economic, cultural and educational oppression that white Americans oversaw. The author laments that, in spite of those “indiscretions … not even having a black president … will ever be enough.” Why should it be, so long as President Obama had to watch his wife get called an “ape in heels” and his children be fodder for internet trolls – nor so long as racist jokes continue at our dinner tables and around our water coolers?

If racism miraculously vanished after the 2012 election, I apparently missed that memo.



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