Standing for Trump, against giveaways

To the editor:

If people watched the Great National Sweepstakes Giveaway, called the Democratic Debate, it was a show of who could give away the most of taxpayers’ money for votes. We heard of free education, free health care, free money and even free heath care for illegal immigrants. These things will obviously have to be paid by someone, so they aren’t really free. But all these make really good talking points.

Politicians go out and promise the world to people gullible enough to believe government handouts are free. Many will tell you they have a plan to pay for these great ideas, and generally like most politicians they don’t deliver after they are elected.

We have a president now that has delivered on his promises, and the mainstream media trashes him nonstop on most every lead story. Now, we have jobs plus a great economy, a stronger military, backing of our police officers, more border security just like he promised, and the media continues to brainwash people into thinking President Trump is the devil himself.

Conservatives are sick and tired of this man being treated with disrespect when obviously he does not need this job and media bashing. He ran and will run again because he loves this country and recognizes the socialist road that these crazy liberals want to take this nation on.

We will stand up for this man, vote for him, keep our guns, believe in the Bible and do our part to push his conservative agenda. America needs to wake up and see that big government stifles our individual freedoms and we must fight socialism disguised as free handouts.



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