To the editor:

Two weeks ago I spoke to the Bulletin about my sister, Lorene Hopkins-Pequignot. I was very upset at the time because I just had learned of the arrest of her husband and had find out by the media and not by the sheriff's department. So I said some things about her I regret. I would now like to tell you what my sister was really like.

She was so talented. She had such a good eye for decorating. Her style was very classic, and every holiday she adorned her house for the season. She was very neat, and her house was spotless but very warm and inviting. She was my son's and daughter-in-law's wedding planner, and everybody who was there bragged on how elegant their wedding was. She started working as soon as she graduated and worked most of her life. She worked as secretary to the CEO at Rubber Thread where she retired to take care of her first husband, Garland, who had stomach cancer. She was there when he breathed his last breath.

She loved her God and spent much time reading and studying the Bible. The last year of her life she had read it through by August and started over again. To say my heart is broken over her loss would the “understatement of the year.” I just wanted to try to set the record straight. She was loved so much. I will miss my little sister forever.