To the editor:

The editorial in Sunday's paper ("This pill is tough to swallow," July 21) contains incorrect data that needs to be clarified, as it diminishes the impact of the seriousness of the prescription pill problem in our area.

The article in The Washington Post did use the figure of 242 pills per person but included the words "per year," not "over a six-year period" as this editorial stated, a number closer to one per day than one per week. Also of concern is the fact that one-fourth of those were dispensed by one pharmacy.

I urge the newspaper to print the rest of the information contained in the Post's article. It would also be of value to those of us who live in Henry County to see our numbers. Significant among those is the disturbing data showing that one pharmacy sold half of the pills dispensed in Henry County, and in doing so topped the list of pharmacies in the Commonwealth, not a No. 1 distinction to be happy about.