To the editor:

Martinsville Bulletin carries a syndicated columnist named Leonard Pitts who calls the GOP a hate group by his definition. He says it does not meet the criteria defined by the Southern Poverty Law Center. But obviously we deplorables meet his definition of haters, because we don't agree with him, Democrats and the mainstream media. At the end of his column he says we meet the criteria with room to spare, and it's sobering to even have to ask the question.

Now, why are we haters, because the Democrats, race-baiters and the mainstream media all say we are? To further their own political agendas? They point out that President Trump has gone after four freshmen congresswomen because they are women of color.

What they never tell you is what these congresswomen have said about this country, their anti-Semitic comments and their vile language of hatred for this president. When this president sees and hears anti-American comments, most people with common sense know that this man will call you out. He does not care what color you are.

If you kneel for the National Anthem and you disrespect the flag, he will call you out. Again it does not matter what color you are. People like Leonard Pitts, other race-baiters. The media all use the word "racist" and haters to stifle conservative speech and especially this president. This follows social media, such as Facebook and others that all try to promote their liberal agenda by calling conservatives haters, which they in turn are themselves being.

The double standard and bias in this country is pathetic. Many see this as unjust and unfair, with the ultimate goal of electing more Democrats. The remedy for all this liberal hypocrisy is to elect Donald Trump to a second term in 2020. Then they can keep calling us racist, bigots, haters, deplorables, smelly Walmart shoppers and all their other names.



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