To the editor:

What can we do locally to fight climate change? Protect our air and water? Build a new economy?

Think about it: We've seen an uptick in severe weather in recent years. Tornadoes, flooding and bad storms are not faraway problems anymore. Extreme weather is knocking at our door here in Martinsville. We need to be proactive instead of waiting for something to happen.

That's why we are organizing an Environmental Justice 101 workshop at 6 p.m. May 21 at Patrick Henry Community College, in Frith Hall.

Join Virginia Organizing for our interactive workshop to explore the effects of climate change and environmental issues on people of color and other targeted communities in Southside Virginia. We will leave with a local plan for action!

Virginia Organizing is a non-partisan statewide grassroots organization that brings people together to build a more just Virginia.

I hope to see you there.