To the editor:

In the year 2020, I plan to bring my platform off of the ground and have a safe place for the LGBTQ+ to go to. Some of us struggle in today's world with not finding a person or a place to go to, to unload the drama that we are facing.

When I was 14 and came out as gay, I was not accepted for being who I am. Instead, the Bible was used on me regularly, and I had no friends in my town to go running to and tell them my problems I was facing at home.

I want it to be known, anyone can find me on Facebook and message me at LGBT and Allies of Henry County. If you are someone who is in Patrick, even Franklin County, you can still message me. I will make myself available for those who need someone to listen to, because no one was there when I needed the support.

I may not live in Martinsville much longer, but I want people to be comfortable enough to tell me their problems. This is 2020. We need to as a town step up to the plate and love everyone despite a person's gender identity or even sexual orientation.

God instructs us to "Love thy neighbor, as thyself." He did not tell us to love thy neighbor until that person is an alcoholic, drug addict, prostitute, etc. If we can accept those people, we certainly can accept and love the LGBTQ+.



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