We should love all neighbors

To the editor:

I have been living in Martinsville and Henry County since July 1, 2008. I have met so many different and wonderful people. I also never knew I lived in The Bible Belt until Spring 2009. As someone who is openly gay and a Christian, I have been surrounded by those who love me for me, but those who disagree with me have no problem attacking me on social media and telling me I am going to Hell.

I have spent many days wondering if what I am truly bringing to this town is actually worth it. If the people in this community can respect all different walks of life, how come one can not respect someone for who they are based on their orientation or gender identity? God tells us to “Love your neighbor, as yourself.” It didn’t say unless your neighbor is black, Hindu, a drug addict, etc. The last time I checked, Jesus died on the cross for everyone.

As I slowly get the platform off the ground on what I want for this community, remember everyone is different, but we shouldn’t belittle someone simply because one loves differently, looks different, or even acts differently than the norm. I firmly believe that is not what God wants us to do here on Earth. Especially pointing out sins in everyones’ lives.

1 Corinthians 13:8, “Love never fails.”