To the editor:

A recent article in the Bulletin ("Opioid problem getting worse,” May 26) made me see addiction is a very serious thing. The article said that overdoses in Henry County are up 20% in past three years.

Think about it folks: Did you know most people have some kind of habit going on in their lives? Some are addicted to coffee, some to sugar. How about alcohol, cigarettes, pornography and even soft drinks? I heard a man say one time he drank coffee all day every day and would be hard to give it up. I can really say I am addicted to sugar. I really love that stuff and make it a part of my life every day. So far pushing 70 years old it has not affected me and hope it never does. 

We know that some folks love their alcohol and cigarettes and in most cases enjoy them the big part of their lives. To this date I have never heard of someone overdosing on cigarettes or even alcohol.

We hear about someone overdosing on opioids almost all of the time. A quick fix sometimes can cause a quick death. I do wonder why human beings get hooked on their habits. I have heard folks say, “It calms my nerves.”

While opioids is a very dangerous thing to get involved in, and I wouldn’t recommend to anybody to try them. But it seems other habits of which we partake that don't get equal recognition. So we continue to indulge in them.