To the editor:

I have a question for all the faithful readers of Letters to the Editor: What has happened to having a civil, polite, and respectful discussion/debate towards those of a differing opinions in this country?

Why do some want to take it to the common level of derogatory name-calling? What benefits of furthering your ideas are obtained? Is this why we are so divided in our political views?

Why and when did we become so disrespectful and closed-minded that we can't have an informative, even lively debate without becoming verbally abusive? What happened to "we agree to disagree"?

To those who think others who disagree with them are idiots, I say this from my childhood days: It takes one to know one. We need to find common ground and stop all this hostility towards others. We don't have to agree with another person's views, but they are as important as our own. We need to honor and respect this.