To the editor:

Last week was the birthday of our independence, but you would never know it judging by the level of hate expressed in the press toward our current administration. Fortunately, I don’t see a lot of that in my daily living – only in the press.

Recently, Virginia has dropped in patriotic rankings among the states. Maybe that’s because the city of Charlottesville has now disavowed Thomas Jefferson, who became our third president, drafted our Constitution and founded the University of Virginia and, eventually, the Democratic Party. What’s going on in Charlottesville, and what is next? Perhaps removing faces from Mount Rushmore?

This is the same city that picked a silly fight over a statue, which invited an antifa mob and got someone killed.

Why is our current president, duly elected by the way, been subject to so much hate and lies as though he were a monster? This man took on a load of serious issues that have been neglected for years. He calmed down a ruthless dictator in North Korea and probably averted a nuclear war. The latter rates a Nobel Peace Prize. Had this been the last president, there would have been out cries of bigotry and racism by now.

Your paper should be denouncing such ugly behavior, not excusing it.

Finally, why are not my letters no longer published? If you can allow a letter by a certain Florence Rea-Wright ("Who is Trump to put down heroes?" July 4) -- I don’t know her, nor do I care to -- which contained some of the filthiest garbage I have seen among your letters, then you can certainly print this one.



EDITOR'S NOTE: No letter received by this writer has been rejected for publication.