By Mary E. Farris

In a perfect world everyone would be happy, wealthy and kind. In realty there is disagreement, mistreatment, poverty, racism and hate. What can we do to help end the negatives of hate?

I believe that hate can be overcome if the person who is hating would realize how destructive it is. Hate distorts a person’s reasoning. Today hate is an epidemic that causes people to be persecuted because of who they are or where they come from.

People are human beings no matter what color they are. All people are the creation of the one and only true God. He had a reason for creating different races, but He will meant for all people to love on another, be kind to one another and thank others as every human being wants to be treated.

Today, instead of seeing more love, we see more hate. There is name-calling, lies being told, insults and things being done that is framed in racism and hate. Children see and hear the hateful words, and they ask why people in high places are behaving that way. How can parents explain what is going on in the world today, when they don’t understand the situation.

People who believe in God go to the Bible for answers. Through Scripture they explain the importance of love instead of hate. The Bible says, “How can you love me, whom you’ve never seen, and hate your brother?” Many church members should ask themselves that question along with people in high places.

Love doesn’t practice deceiving people or purposely say or do something to cause anyone harm. Love doesn’t spread hate in any form, because it comes from a kind heart and a will to do right. Hate comes from a cold heart and an evil mind. Hate also causes people to be irrational and dangerous.

Should the hater be hated? I don’t think so, because I believe that a person who is consumed with hate needs special help. They also need God’s help to get rid of their sickness.

Prayer warriors should gather together and pray for today’s haters, because God is the answer to all questions. Today there are situations that only He can handle. The truth is nothing and nobody is more powerful than God. He is the real power of the world. He is the leader who can handle everything in His own time and in His own way. He doesn’t need to threaten anybody and He loves instead of hate.

So we need to keep telling our children all who will listen that we can count on God to love and protect us. We need to also tell them that right will always be right and wrong will always be wrong. “God is the way, the truth and the life.”

The author lives in Martinsville.