Gay pride billboard fundraising

The crowdfunding effort shows a "gay pride" approach to a potential new billboard.

It was my intention to remain silent on the controversy surrounding the billboard on Commonwealth Avenue ("Man says God led him to put up billboard," April 25). That is until I had read some of the recent letters to the editor in the Bulletin and the story on the front page on May 8 ("A crowd is funding a sign of 'inclusiveness"). 

Some of the arguments against the billboard leave me speechless. One reader had asserted that being a homosexual is a “civil rights” issue. Civil rights was about the color of one’s skin and how they were discriminated against simply because they were born a certain skin color. Regardless of what science and modern technology would try to convince us of, being homosexual, lesbian, transgender or even heterosexual is one’s personal choice.

Just as I choose to remain married to my wife and I choose her above all others, anyone’s sexual and relationship choices are made, and they are not “born” that way. If I were a black, middle-aged male, I would cringe every time I heard that argument made for this issue considering the real struggles African-Americans had to endure for over hundreds of years before getting basic human equality.

The second argument occurred to me when Ms. Vaughn and other readers stated that “love they neighbor” and “God loves ALL his children” would be good slogans for an opposing billboard. We are born into this world by the union of males and females or, at the least, a sperm successfully fertilizing an egg. What makes us part of God’s family is not the fact that we are born as his children.

We become his children when we repent of our sins, when we confess him before men and when we accept the forgiveness of our sins that can only be found through Jesus Christ. We strive to then live as Christ lived, and none of us do it perfectly. But the Bible tells us if we are faithful to ask for the forgiveness of our sins. He is faithful and just to forgive them.

This idea of everyone just being universally saved is a lie from the devil that unfortunately many people have bought into in our morally relativistic society, which says that what is good for you is good for you and what I think is good for me is good for me and God just accepts it all. You don’t find that in the Bible. Following relativism to its logical conclusion, it would be acceptable if one ever murdered someone else because that was what his truth at the moment, he committed murder, but I doubt you would have people accepting that argument as they seem to with lifestyle choices.

We are told, as Christians, to hate the sin but to love the sinner. I have some homosexual friends who struggle with this issue in their lives as it relates to living a faithful life in Christ. My heart goes out to them, but that struggle is every bit as real for them as it is, say, for a married man who is tempted to cheat on his wife.

The church should not condemn such persons, but reach out to them in love, not approving of any sinful lifestyle but realizing if one is to change and leave their sin, it will take much time, teaching and patience.

I do not know the man who paid for the billboard, but I believe it is out of that sense of preserving God’s view of marriage and lovingly warning against other views that prompted him to place it there. Just as if I knew a car you were driving would soon have a mechanical failure that might kill you in an accident, I would be an accomplice to your murder if I did not warn you about it. That would be an act of love, not of hate. If find it ironic that Ms. Vaughn says she wants to be “tolerant and inclusive” and yet it is when Christians speak for God, and what his word clearly says, that we are suddenly labeled as being intolerant and hate-filled.

Finally, what surprises me the most is that others who believe in this man’s cause and viewpoint have not written to support and uphold God’s view of what marriage is. Have we just accepted that because society has legalized same-sex unions, God’s people should go along with it too?

“Times change,” you will hear people say as if we must change with them. When there are changes that advance what medicine can do and how safer cars can be made, then we should go along and rejoice in it. But when morality is weakened, the traditional family threatened, and God’s Word assaulted, we had better speak up and out!

I would challenge the clergy of this community to resolve to support this effort and to uphold the Biblical view of marriage as being only between one man and one woman. The fact that we even must defend these basic Bible teachings should remind us how are we are getting away, in this country, from the Lord and his will for our lives.

The writer lives in Martinsville