Karen Pickeral

Karen Pickeral celebrates her college graduation.

When most people think of Wonder Woman, they see Gal Gadot. Others see Lynda Carter.

I see Karen Pickeral, my mama.

My mama talked about earning a bachelor’s degree for years. Working full-time, raising two kids and having dinner on the table every night when my dad came home, mama seldom took time for herself. She certainly didn’t have time to attend classes. A game changer occurred in 2015 when, at 56 years old, mom heard about online courses at Regent University.

She signed up for classes and applied for scholarships and grants to make her dream a reality. She was well on her way to earning that coveted degree. There was just one teeny, tiny issue — she didn’t know her way around a computer. Period.

“What is Microsoft Word?”

“What’s Blackboard?”

“How do I access the online library?”

“How do I submit my paper?”

I remember, in the beginning, asking why she chose online courses. Her answer was simple: “Because I can do it. And if I can’t do it, I can learn to do it.”

And boy, did she ever.

I recently watched my mama walk across the stage and accept her Bachelor’s Degree in Leadership, with a concentration in Christian Ministry. She graduated near the top of her class with cum laude honors.

Along her journey, there were a few tears, a lot more laughs and one shining example for those with a dream.

When I think of a superhero, I look no further than my mama.

Amie Knowles, a resident of Chatham, is a former staff writer and frequent contributor for the Martinsville Bulletin.