My grandfather was a Democrat, and he taught me to vote Democrat. He was a farmer in the Hare Valley of Tennessee for many years, and during all of that time he was a staunch Democrat. I voted a straight Democratic Party-line ticket until Jimmy Carter was elected.

Yes, I voted for president Carter but soon lost faith in him and the Democratic party. Under his administration the unemployment numbers soared into the double digits. The misery index was created during that time. Then along came President Reagan, and I voted for him.

His America-first policies were great for the economy, and his faith was in America, the American people and the American way of life. When he said “the sun is rising on America, and America will be great again,” my faith in God and country was restored.

The Democratic Party is no longer the party of President John Kennedy but has been hijacked by people who no longer believe in American exceptionalism. The Democratic Party has embraced open borders, illegal immigration, higher taxes, lawlessness in movements like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter. When Democratic groups (President Obama entertained BLM at the White Jouse ) like that can march in the streets of major cities calling for “Dead Cops: When do you want them? Right now.” And “pigs in a blanket, fried like bacon.” Then its time to reevaluate your party and move on.

In 2012 at their convention the Democrats voted to remove God and Israel from their platform. Now the party of the Godless has these wonderful ideas to run on: open borders, gay marriage, abortion on demand, a weak national defense, bowing to the world, destroying our history, lawlessness and many other atrocities.

Yes, I am a conservative independent. I vote for those candidates who promise to secure our borders, E-verify, crack down on illegals crossing our borders. Nancy Pelosi talked for eight hours on the Senate floor to save the Dreamers, people who are not even American Citizens. Has she ever filibustered for eight hours for jobs, security for American citizens, disabled veterans, for the 70,000 dead from drugs each year?

I vote for America, and I say to those who hate America: If its so bad, leave it. And those who stay: Love America, love God, love American citizens, and, yes, love Israel. Yes, we will continue to take in refugees from around the world, but we must know who they are and why they want to come here.

Remember 9/11, it was not 19 Southern Baptists who flew those planes into the World Trade Center. It was 19 radical Muslims. God bless the USA.

The author lives in Bassett.