TODAY'S WORD is strident. Example: "Introduced here with debut single, 'You Ain’t The Problem,' Michael’s typically assured, bold, and strident vocal brims with confidence, but what it conceals is almost two years questioning his own ability and identity." (Source: "Michael Kiwanuka announces new album 'Kiwanuka' out 1-/25 -- shares fierce new single 'You Ain't the Problem,'" Aug. 14, Glide Magazine)

WEDNESDAY'S WORD was the phrase bona fide. It means actual, genuine, indisputably legitimate. Example: "How Does an Artist Get a Gallery, Anyway? Here Are 11 Practical Steps That Could Lead to Bona Fide Representation" (Title of an article by Brian Boucher in Art World, Aug. 12)


We get so used to seeing prices rise on items that it may take us by surprise when one lowers, but that is just the case with TGIF tickets. 

Regular, at-the-gate entry of the TGIF concert series still is $7 for people ages 12 and older, like always. However, now you can get advance tickets at the Martinsville Visitors Center for $5. The Visitors Center is located on the lower floor of the NCI building on Fayette Street.

You have until the end of the business day Friday to stock up on discount tickets for that night's TGIF concert, the last one of the series, when the Pizzaz Band will perform in the farmers market lot.

Cobbler gobblers

Organizers of the Virginia State Peach Festival, which will be Friday in Stuart, are looking for two more people to join the Cobbler Gobbler peach cobbler-eating contest: one who lives in the Dan River district, and one in the Smith River District.

They had just two entrants for a while, until some sibling rivalry came into play: representing the Mayo River District of Patrick County, Amy Walker threw her hat into the ring. She is the sister of contestant Stephen Walker of Peters Creek district. The other contender is Chris Prutting of Blue Ridge district, who is the "Big Guy" for WHEO-AM (1270).

» WEDNESDAY'S TRIVIA ANSWER: There are four pecks in a bushel. A bushel measures 8 dry gallons, or also 32 quarts or 64 pints. By types of crops, it carries specific amounts, as regulated by the USDA. They include: apples, 40 pounds in a bushel; dry beans, 60 pounds; buckwheat, 48 pounds; husked corn, 70 pounds; shelled corn, 56; oats, 32; unshelled peas, 28 to 30; dry peas, 60; spinach, 25; wheat, 60.

» TODAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: The USDA also has official guidelines for other types of measurements, such as by the carton (sweet potatoes, tangerines), sack (turnips, walnuts, carrots), 50-gallon barrel (frozen pack berries), wirebound crate (cabbage), bale (hops), lug (mangoes, olives) and hogshead. What does a hogshead measure, and what is the weight guideline on that?

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