TODAY’S WORD is convocation. Example: The address Mr. Hairston gave at the convocation inspired his colleagues.

WEDNESDAY’S WORD was sedulous. It means (of a person or action) showing dedication and diligence. “Example: ‘Elbakyan said, “Our cultural figures need not only financial aid but also [supportive] behavior for their sedulous labor.’” (Source: “Tekeyan Awards Ceremony Held in Yerevan” by Gevorg Gyulumyan. The Armenian Mirror-Spectator, June 27, 2019)

Weighing in on the big birdMany people are getting in on the speculation on what sort of impressive humongous bird it was that Bobbie Hairston saw last year in Collinsville and again recently in Rich Acres. Its wingspan was wider than his friend’s van, its beak was hooked, and there was a peak to its head.

It was no mystery at all to Brenda Ayers of Stuart, who called The Stroller to say, “We have several of these in our pond: the great blue heron.” Gael Chaney of Smith Mountain Lake, who has lived most of her life in Martinsville, said it’s difficult to be sure without a picture, but the description sounds like a great blue heron to her. In fact, she saw several Wednesday morning at the lake.

What do you think? Any other guesses, or do you go with the great blue heron as well? Call or email The Stroller about it.


Kitty Woiblett of Martinsville has a riddle to share:

A group of friends at a party was guessing riddles. If someone came up with a riddle that no one could solve, that person would win a prize. All of the riddles put forth so far had been solved, and it looked like no one would win the prize.

Finally one guy said he had a riddle no one could solve, and he would be the prize winner. The other party-goers weren’t worried about being stumped.

He said, “What has four legs, a head, a tail, is made out of wood and can jump as high as the Empire State Building?”

No matter how hard the others tried, they couldn’t solve the riddle. They finally gave up and said to the guy, “Okay, you win the prize; now tell us the answer.” The guy said, “It’s a wooden horse.” They were stunned at the answer, so he explained: “It has four legs, a head and a tail and is made of wood.”

They said, “But you said it could jump as high as the Empire State Building”. The guy replied, “It can. The Empire State Building can’t jump.”

‘True Grit’

In partnership with VisitMartinsville, the Rives Theatre will show the 1969 movie “True Grit” at 7 tonight, with $5 admission.

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» WEDNESDAY’S TRIVIA ANSWER: A horse has 64 chromosomes, and a donkey has 62. A mule has 63 chromosomes.

TODAY’S TRIVIA QUESTION: Mules have a reputation for being stubborn. Why is that?