TODAY'S WORD is cattywampus. Example: "As the greenbacks flew and landed in the right lanes, the emergency lane and the nearby woods, motorists pulled all cattywampus to the shoulder and even in the lanes and began helping 'clean the mess.'" (Source: "Gridlock Guy: Stray money the latest character check for Atlanta drivers," by Doug Turnbull, Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

SUNDAY’S WORD was mumpsimus. It means a stubborn person who insists on making an error in spite of being shown it is wrong. Example: The community simply could not advance with such a mumpsimus from its leader, and worse, his foolish bumblings in dealing with surrounding municipalities often embarrassed its residents.

Dog in search of its owner

A medium-sized white-and-brown-spotted dog showed up chasing traffic on Irisburg Road near the Eastwood gas station. He seems not to have fared too well at that or some other venture, because he has abrasions all along the ridge of his back. But he's OK otherwise, and he is being taken care of. Based on his behavior and obedience (such as sitting when told to), he clearly is someone's pet. If you can help find its owner, email Courtney Hanks at or call her at 276-734-0588.

Bear necessities

For country folk, the local convenience center (where you take trash) is a sort of community meeting grounds. Monday morning Jesse Jones of the Dyer's Store community was up there handling business and chatting with friends who were doing the same. He cuts hay for the area, including The Stroller's field, and advised that The Stroller's field has three sleeping places of bears. It's obvious, he said, based on how the grass is flattened down in spots (The Stroller had thought that was from deer) combined with the calling cards, so to speak, that are unique to bears. The Stroller had known bears were in the area but not so close -- but wasn't worried, because bears are part of nature, and if they've been sleeping peaceably so close all this time, they can keep doing so.

Music and lunch

Jim Philpott, Tim Stegall & Friends will perform a free music program from 10 a.m. to noon Friday at the HJDB Event Center, Riverside Drive, Bassett. Lunch will be available at noon for $6.

MONDAY’S TRIVIA ANSWER: In “The Sound of Music,” there were seven von Trapp children: Friederich, Liesl, Louisa, Curt, Brigitta, Marta and Gretl. In real life, their names were Rupert, Agathe, Maria, Werner, Hedwig, Johanna and Martina -- and after Captain Georg von Trapp married Maria, the former nun, the pair had three more children, Rosemarie, Eleonore and Johannes.

TODAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: What was the symbolism behind the song "Edelweiss" in "The Sound of Music?"

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