TODAY’S WORD is taradiddle. "Oh, Bernard, stop it right now with this taradiddle -- no one believes it," his sister said.

THURSDAY’S WORD was bumfuzzle. It means to confuse or fluster. Example: The names and parties of all the candidates bumfuzzled Terry, who hadn't paid much attention during the campaigning season and then had no idea what to mark on the ballot.

Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair

Twenty-three vendors will have enough hand-crafted items to fill 29 tables Saturday at the Community Enrichment Center in the Reynolds Homestead's Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair.

Items for sale will include knitted and crocheted hats and scarves, ornaments, doll clothes, stockings, treats, barn quilt kits, jewelry, stained glass, hand-spun yarns, Native American crafts, whimsical Items, hand-painted scarves, wearable art, artisan soaps and bath products and more.

Lunch options will include a hot dog bar, tomato-basil soup and Brunswick stew with corn muffins and crackers.

First Thanksgiving meal

Love and Hope Ministries will serve the first Thanksgiving meal of 2019 in this area: at 12:30 p.m. Sunday at the church, in the Holiday shopping center in Collinsville.  

Today's chuckle

The Stroller recently spent some time strolling around with Koony Frog. Those who know him love him. For those who don't recognize the nickname -- that's Vernon Gilbert of Mountain Valley.

Although Koony Frog occasionally gets medical treatment for his leg or arthritis in his hands, and he keeps on top of how his heart's doing, he will be quick to tell you he "ain't never had" no headache in his life. "I ain't never been married," he explained as the reason why not.

He has worked in tobacco, digging graves and doing odd jobs all across the area. "How many dead people are buried up there at Roselawn?" someone asked him. "All of them," he replied. 

He sang a song: "Mary had a little lamb / her father shot it dead / Mary has a little lamb / between two slices of bread."

And, of course, Koony Frog is famous for his jokes, such as this one: A little boy was riding his bike on the sidewalk in Ohio. A preacherman walked up to him and asked, "Son, can you tell me where is the post office?" "Yes, sir," the boy replied, telling him to go down two blocks, turn left and take the second door on the left. "Thank you, son," the preacherman said. A little later the preacher came back and said he couldn't find it. "How do you think you can tell people how to get to heaven when you can't even find the post office?" the boy replied.

» THURSDAY’S  TRIVIA ANSWER: A harvest moon is the full moon that occurs closest the autumnal equinox.

» TODAY’S TRIVIA QUESTION: The name "pumpkin" comes from the Greek word "pepon," which means what?

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