TODAY’S WORD is abdication. "The Duke of Sussex's decision to step back from royal duties is drawing fraught comparisons to the 1936 abdication of Edward VIII." (Source: "Is Prince Harry abdicating? Not so fast," by Erin Blakemore, National Geographic, Jan. 9)

FRIDAY’S WORD was duvet. It is a soft, usually fluffy, quilt filled with down, feathers or synthetic fiber, used instead of an upper sheet and blankets on a bed. Example: Janice and Slate, who normally went about their household chores quietly and seriously, usually ended up in gales of laughter whenever they tried to stuff the fluffy duvet into its cover.

MHC Warming Center fundraisers

Area restaurants are getting on board to help the MHC Warming Center, with portions of meal costs going to its behalf.

Checkered Pig, 1014 Liberty St., Martinsville, will host a "Spirit Night" on Monday, when the restaurant will make donations based on the meals sold between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. Customers are asked to turn in their receipts to the cashier before leaving the restaurant.

Red and Mae's, 82 Saddleridge Road, Bassett, will hold a spaghetti fundraiser for the center on Feb. 6. The restaurant also has a collection box for donations of breakfast and snack food items for the center. Adam Newman of Bassett was one of its recent donors.

The Warming Center opened two weeks ago at Forest Hills Presbyterian Church.

Wax figures moved

If Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, don't want to stay only in England, then there's no room for them in the place of honor at Madam Tussauds' wax museum in London.

Not even a day after the royal couple announced they would be stepping back from their roles as senior royals and be living some of the year in North America, the wax museum's staff moved their wax figures away from the display of Brittain's royal family to an undisclosed location, still inside the museum, The Washington Post reported on Thursday.

Church safety

The Patrick County Republican Committee will host Patrick County Sheriff Dan Smith in a program about church safety, at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at Dehart Park in Stuart. The program will look at preparation for and during an active-shooter situation and how to defend and protect people.

Today's chuckle

  • What did the drummer name his twin daughters? - Anna One and Anna Two.
  • Why didn't the Little Drummer Boy get into heaven? - Because he woke up the baby!
  • If thine enemy wrong thee, buy each of his children a drum.

FRIDAY’S TRIVIA ANSWER: The former Fort Trial, near what is now Bassett, was one of a chain of forts built in 1756, during the French and Indian War. George Washington visited it the year it was built.

TODAY’S TRIVIA QUESTION: During what years was the Big Chair in its place in uptown Martinsville?

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