TODAY'S WORD is ratoon. Example: "Although the origin of ratooning is probably not known for any particular crop, it may have begun when man first noticed the regrowth of new shoots following the cutting of certain crops at harvest, thus, producing a new crop without replanting." (Source: Publisher's Summary, "Ratoon Cropping," Advances in Agronomy, Vol. 2, 1970)

FRIDAY'S WORD was billingsgate. It means rough language filled with profanity. Example: Vera was thrilled with the attentions of Wilbur, who opened doors and pulled back chairs for her, but she was heavily bothered by his tendency toward billingsgate, and at the least provocation, to boot.

Community Resource Day

Grace Church, 218 Fayette St., will hold its annual Community Resource Day from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday. More than 35 agencies will have exhibits and representatives there to provide free information. There also will be a free clothing giveaway, hot dogs, sodas, a Kids' Zone and music. 

Fish Wagon

If you've got a pond to stock, the Fish Wagon is coming to town. The Fish Wagon will be at Lester Building Supply, where Southern States is now located, at 2-2:45 p.m.Thursday. The Wagon sells all sorts of fish to stock ponds and lakes.

Chili cook-off

Can you warm up a cold body with a bowl of hot, delicious chili -- that gets rave reviews? If so, the Blue Ridge Child Cook-Off on Oct. 5 at the Stuart Farmers Market is the place to share it; email Christie Faine at for more information.

The cook-off is sponsored by One Family Productions and Caring Hearts Free Clinic of Patrick County. Admission will be $15, which includes tastings of all chili, one full bowl of chili with all fixings and entertainment by The Tillers and Mason Via and Hot Trail Mix.

FRIDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Starfire, a member of the Teen Titans on Earth, grew up on the planet Tamaran. The youngest daughter of the planet's rulers, she was sacrificed by her parents as a peace offering to dangerous invaders. They took her away and enslaved her before she escaped to Earth. 

TODAY’S TRIVIA QUESTION: An actor, who was best known for playing an iconic superhero, used to tell how he was extra cautious about meeting children at public events because they were incapable of separating the actor from his super-powered character. In at least one instance, this appears to have led to some very real danger. While attending an event, the actor was approached by a young boy who pulled a pistol on him – not to rob him, but to test the theory that he was really invulnerable to bullets. The actor demonstrated some true heroism (and quick thinking) while staring down the barrel of a Luger pistol by telling the boy that the bullets would bounce off of him and injure innocent bystanders. Apparently satisfied with that explanation, the kid handed over the weapon, and tragedy was averted. Who was that actor?

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