TODAY'S WORD is macabre. Example: "I read a lot of American writers like Betsy Byars and Paula Danziger. Then I started reading horror. I got a taste for the macabre very early on." (Source: "Benjamin Myers: ‘I got a taste for the macabre early on,’" by Alex Preston, The Guardian, Aug. 10)

THURSDAY’S WORD was strident. It means to command attention by a loud or obtrusive quality. Example: “Introduced here with debut single, ‘You Ain’t The Problem,’ Michael’s typically assured, bold, and strident vocal brims with confidence, but what it conceals is almost two years questioning his own ability and identity.” (Source: “Michael Kiwanuka announces new album ‘Kiwanuka’ out 1-/25 — shares fierce new single ‘You Ain’t the Problem,’” Aug. 14, Glide Magazine)


A Stroller reader who didn't provide her name left this riddle on an answering machine:

"Old Mother Twitchet had but one eye, and a long tail that she let fly. Every time she went through a gap, she left a bit of her tail in a trap. What is she?" 

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Waterfall cards

The Henry County Parks & Recreation Senior Services' Art of the Month Class on Monday will be "Making a Waterfall Card" with Karen Eggleston. The class will be at 3 p.m. at the Collinsville YMCA, 395 John Redd Blvd. If you miss that class, there's another chance -- at 3 p.m. Aug. 27 at the Ridgeway Branch Library, 900 Vista View Lane. The cost of the class is $10, and anyone age 50 or older is welcome. 


Answer to above riddle: Old Mother Twitchet is a needle.

THURSDAY’S TRIVIA ANSWER: A hogshead is a large wooden barrel used since colonial times to store and transport tobacco. A standard hogshead is 48 inches long, 30 inches across at the head. Current USDA standards for measurement of tobacco is that a hogshead of Maryland tobacco weighs 775 pounds; flue-cured tobacco, 950 pounds; burley tobacco, 975 pounds; dark air-cured, 1,150 pounds; Virginia fire-cured, 1,350 pounds; Kentucky and Tennessee fire-cured, a whopping 1,500 pounds. When it comes to cigar-leaf tobacco, measurements are done in case (250-365 pounds), bale (150-175 pounds) and crate (60 pounds). A hogshead can hold 79 gallons of liquid. A hogshead of wine is 63 gallons, and a hogshead of beer is 64 gallons.

TODAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Survey units of measurement include the link, foot, rod and what other three indicators, as defined by the US Department of Agriculture's "Weights, Measures, and Conversion Factors for Agricultural Commodities and Their Products?"

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