TODAY'S WORD is sialoquent. After the church service, which went 45 minutes past the normal end time, the guest preacher smiled and nodded with an air of self-importance when Shirley complimented him on being so uniquely sialoquent. 

WEDNESDAY'S WORD is snickersee. It means a large knife. Example: Captain Jack pulled out his snickersee and told the wayward sailor, "Oh, Totten, we are going to kill you and eat you."

Cards for Manny 

James and Marilyn Cartier are asking those who pray to keep their son Emmanuel "Mammy" Cartier in prayer -- and for everyone who knows him, or would like to help even if they don't know him, to send cards and messages of support. 

Manny Cartier is in a coma, after having been struck by a hit-and-run driver Saturday night. He has broken teeth and problems with his arm, leg and face, and because he is an actor in Los Angeles, he depends on his good looks.

Cards can be sent to Emmauel Pierre Cartier, 11312 Morrison St., North Hollywood, Calif., 91601, or for those who prefer social media, fitmachinemanny on Instagram.

More laughs

Michael C. Jarrett of Bassett shares these jokes:

  • When I try to eat healthy, a chocolate bar looks at me and snickers.
  • Getting old stinks. I used to wake up feeling like a million bucks. Now I feel more like a bounced check.
  • Halloween merchandise already is on display in stores, which brings to mind: My ex-wife was so ugly as a child that her mother used to make her go trick-or-treating so she wouldn't scare the other kids.

Savory September cooks

People who will be cooking for Piedmont Arts' Savory September fundraising event (food, drink and mingling) are Jimmy Warren and Hamlet Kitchens; Meritha Rucker and Rachael Wingfield; Lucy Coleman and Donna McGarry; Beverly Pitzer, Jennifer Reis and Julian Mei; Janet Ashby; Rita, Mike and Sarah Hodges; Staci Soper; Robby Burton; Franz-Har Phillips; and Kiah and Cameron Cooper. The event will be Sept. 27, and the theme is "50 Years of LOVE."

Christmas merchandise

It has happened: Christmas merchandise already is on display in at least one area store. It's one of those stores with the word "dollar" in the name, although a lot of stuff costs more than a dollar. The Stroller spotted the row of Christmas wrapping paper and ribbon last week -- close to Labor Day -- but just forgot to complain about it until now.

WEDNESDAY'S TRIVIA ANSWER: "The Sound of Music" ends with the von Trapp family's leaving their home country of Austria under pressure from the Nazis. The real von Trapp family ended up settling in Stowe, Vt., where they bought a farm on which they ran a music camp. The Trapp Family Lodge opened in 1950 and still is open.

TODAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: What was the year and name of the festival in which the von Trapp family won first place -- both in real life and in the movie?

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