TODAY’S WORD is snickersee. Example: Captain Jack pulled out his snickersee and told the wayward sailor, “Oh, Totten, we are going to kill you and eat you.”

TUESDAY’S WORD is cattywampus. It means askew, out of order. Example: “As the greenbacks flew and landed in the right lanes, the emergency lane, and the nearby woods, motorists pulled all cattywampus to the shoulder and even in the lanes and began helping ‘clean the mess.’” (Source: “Gridlock Guy: Stray money the latest character check for Atlanta drivers” by Doug Turnbull, Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

VSCO GirlsYoung ‘uns with Bulletin family associations have advised of a new style for girls and teenagers: the “VSCO Girl” (pronounced “Visco,” named after an app). VSCO Girls are identified by what they wear, the Bulletin kid said: “Scrunchies, usually on their wrist, sometimes on the ankle;” a T-shirt or sweatshirt so big the shorts can’t be seen; sandals with two wide straps but no back strap; and AirPods (tiny headphones with no wires). They use metal straws and a drinking vessel called Hydro Flask and “always use the hashtag ‘Save the turtles.’”

Local kids are right on target, according to an Aug. 15 description by Kalhan Rosenblatt of NBC News: “There are several specific hallmarks of a ‘VSCO girl,’ which includes scrunchies, oversized T-shirts, clothing from the store Brandy Melville, Vans, Pura Vida bracelets, Fjällräven Kånken backpacks and Puka shell necklaces.

“Another integral part of the ‘VSCO girl’ lifestyle is being environmentally conscious, as a key component to the style is the use of products such as metal straws and Hydro Flasks to ‘save the turtles.’”

Brunswick stew

Fall means Brunswick stew, a stew that takes so long to make and requires so many ingredients that it’s best left to big groups. The first Brunswick stew of fall, at least to The Stroller’s knowledge, will be Saturday at the Irisburg Ruritan Club, 123 Mitchell Road, Axton. Sales of canned stew ($7 each) will be at 9 a.m. Saturday. To pre-order, call Peggy Joyce at 276-650-2233. An auction will begin at 7 p.m. The stew also will be available served in meals, featuring Brunswick stew, black pot chicken, vegetables, desserts and drinks, with serving starting at 4 p.m. Several cake walks will be held throughout the day.

» TUESDAY’S TRIVIA ANSWER: The song “Edelweiss” was created for “The Sound of Music.” Edelweiss is a white flower found high in the Alps, and Capt. Georg von Trapp’s singing about it, especially in front of Nazis, represents declaration of loyalty to his homeland of Austria.

TODAY’S TRIVIA QUESTION: “The Sound of Music” ends with the von Trapp family leaving their home country of Austria under pressure from the Nazis. Where did the real von Trapp family end up settling?

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