Raceway Ministries

Michael Harrison (from left, clockwise), Carmen Spoon, Jerry Teague and wife Marianne Teague volunteer Saturday at Martinsville Speedway as part of Racetrack Ministries.

Raceway Ministries is offering services for handicapped people, refreshments and a Sunday worship service.

Michael Harrison, lead pastor at The Community Fellowship in Collinsville, said Saturday: “Raceway Ministries has been here about 30 years. It serves a lot of the NASCAR and weekly tracks around the nation. We’re just a part of that larger organization.

“It was started by one of our friends, Eldred Davis, and John Fox. John Fox was the director of missions for the Henry County Baptist Association..

“Today there are probably 15 churches serving — from Henry County, Patrick County and Summerfield, N.C. Most are Baptist.

“We take care of all guest services and ADA [Americans with Disabilities Act] services. We watch over the handicapped parking and those folks, giving them rides, [with] 17 carts the speedway supplies us with that we serve with.

“We serve refreshments at three different  locations: free coffee and lemonade, home-baked goodies, information.

“The churches take care of most of it [expenses]. The ADA guest services stuff — the speedway sponsors that or takes care of the cost of it.

“On Sunday we will have a worship service here. We provide that.

“Nobody is paid. Over the weekend we’ll have right at 100 volunteers.

“It’s an honor to serve here, especially on a beautiful weekend like this.”

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