Smith River Sports Complex opened to the public on August 23, 2009.

10 years later, the Complex is thriving and continuing to grow. On Saturday, August 24, the Complex will be hosting it’s 10 Year Celebration, showcasing all that the complex has to offer to Martinsville, Henry County and the surrounding areas.

Beginning at noon on August 24, teams and individuals will compete in a number of events for points, and the top three in each will be recognized at an after party on the festival grounds.

Team/bracket-play events include kickball, cornhole, 3-on-3 soccer, horseshoes, and dodgeball. Individual events include football punt, pass, and kick, a golf chipping contest, soccer shot, a wiffleball home run derby, and a tri-sport shootout.

Houston Stutz, the Director of Operations and Marketing for SRSC, said this week that the idea for the anniversary party partially stemmed from growing up and always looking forward to Field Day at school.

“People always say that, ‘Oh, you work for the soccer complex.’ No, the sports complex,” Stutz said. “So how can I incorporate everything we can possibly do out here, and the idea that came up was let’s have a field day. Let’s go back to our youth. Field days were always the best days.”

Many of the games and events are familiar. Others, not so much.

“People keep asking me what that is,” Stutz said of the tri-sport shootout. “My plan is to have a goal for lacrosse, field hockey, and then kind of a target to throw a frisbee at, so that way you pick up your lacrosse stick, have to score that goal, and your time keeps ticking the whole time as soon as you pick your stick up... then you run over, you pick up your field hockey stick, score that goal, then you pick up your frisbee, hit your target and your time stops.”

There will also be participation events that explore other parts of the complex — a 3K fun run/walk, a bike ride on the Dick & Willie, floating on the Smith River, Yoga, and rides on the big dipper. Fans of the complex can also volunteer to work a station as well.

We’ve been here officially 10 years, and that’s a big deal,” Stutz said. “The goal is to keep it free for the community because everybody loves free, and that’s who we’re trying to celebrate.”

The competitions and events will go from 12 p.m.-to-5 p.m. and then the after party on the festival grounds will be from 5 p.m.-to-8 p.m.

“We’ll have music and beer and wine and snow cones and food trucks and just hang out, announce the awards, have a good time and cap the evening off,” Stutz said.

Teams can be formed in whatever way participants want — kids, adults, or whoever. The goal is to have as many members of the community taking part in this milestone event.

“It’s going to be for the kids, the parents, anybody and everybody,” Stutz said.

The event is still over a month away, but the competitive juices are already flowing at board meetings for the Complex.

“Everybody is super excited. We just had a board meeting and Hooker Furniture is supposed to be getting a team together and the county administration is getting one together and you had the Hooker Furniture and county administrator sitting in a meeting saying, ‘oh you’re going to the beach that weekend. You must be scared of the competition.’ So you’re already getting those rivalries built up, and that’s exciting. And it’s friendly rivalries,” Stutz said.

Registration is set to end on July 28. To register, contact the Smith River Sports Complex, or email Lloyd Barber at, or Stutz at

Teams and individuals must register to compete in the events.

“I think it’s going to be really neat day, and something the community has never seen before,” Stutz said.

Chris Doherty is a Sports Reporter for the Martinsville Bulletin. Contact him 276-638-8801 ext. 215. Follow on Twitter @BulletinSport

Chris Doherty is a Sports Reporter for the Martinsville Bulletin. Contact him 276-638-8801 ext. 215. Follow on Twitter @BulletinSport

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