TODAY’S WORD is paroxysm. Example: Taylor burst into paroxysms of laughter at Mrs. Belcher’s remarks in Sunday school.

FRIDAY’S WORD was appellation. It means title or name. Example: I wish you would stop calling me Preacher; I have never gone by that appellation.

Caroling in JulyChristmas caroling is so much fun that the folks at Mount Hermon Church of the Brethren in Bassett thought a year is too long to go between doing it. Now they’ve planned a “Caroling in July” evening for Thursday.

From 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., folks will go from house to house singing hymns Christmas-caroling style. Before going out to sing, everyone will eat at the church — bring an appetizer to share; banana splits will be provided.

“The joy and love the people receive when we Christmas Carol is beautiful. We wanted to do it more than once a year,” Heather Minter of the church said.

Today’s chuckleRob Johnson, who lives between Ridgeway and Eden, N.C., likes a good joke each day. Here’s one he tells:

Having carried his new wife across the threshold the husband said to her, “Before we settle in, I’ve got a guessing game I would like to play with you.”

In an excited mood, the eager new wife said, “Oh I love guessing games!”

“Good,” he said. I’m going down to the pub; you sit here and guess what time I’ll be home!”

Creative writing and social mediaThis week’s L.I.F.E. Series at New College Institute will feature Nina Huff talking about creative writing. The program takes a week off, then delves into the world of social media. Most people understand, if not use, Facebook and YouTube, but many still are confused between Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Snap Chat. The program on Aug. 7 will explain and compare them. The Aug. 14 program is “Facebook Fun(damentals),” followed on Aug. 21 by “No Need for a Photo Album!” which is a look a the top five internet sites people use to store, print, edit and share pictures.

All L.I.F.E. programs are at noon Wednesdays. RPSP to Ruby Jones at 276-403-5605.

Treasures from the vault

Today brings a chance to see artifacts and items you normally can’t. These are the types of things that could be shown in museums but aren’t, at the moment at least.

With the program “Treasures from the Vault” at the former Henry County Courthouse, various collectors will have objects on display: The MHC Heritage Center (the event’s hosts), the Virginia Museum of Natural History, Fayette Area Historical Initiative and Cultural Center, the Reynolds Homestead and private collectors such as Mervyn adn Virginia King and Doug Stegall. It starts at 2:30 p.m., and admission is free. Refreshments will be served.

FRIDAY’S TRIVIA ANSWER: The C.F. Sauer Company, the maker of Duke’s Mayonnaise, is based in Richmond.

TODAY’S TRIVIA QUESTION: What was the first published Christmas carol?

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