TODAY’S WORD is hot spot. Example: When she’s in town, Janette likes to stop by the library to use its free hot spot.

SUNDAY’S WORD was nomophobia. It means fear of being without cellphones. Example: Chasity used to be more carefree, but now she suffers from such nomophobia that she’s always checking her purse and pockets.

Art exhibitsPiedmont Arts promises “an immersive sensory-filled experience” with its latest exhibit, “Flashpoints.”

“Flashpoints” features work by artists who use a wide range of materials and processes. What unites them is that all use pigmented (colored) hot wax. It includes pieces such as paintings, tapestries, installations and artist books.

The pieces are by Kristy Deetz, Reni Gower, Jane Nodine and Daniella Woolf.

Other exhibits at Piedmont Arts are by local people many of you would recognize. Ed Dollinger has an exhibit, “Parts{sup}2{/sup},” in the Pannill Gallery. All of those pieces are in 12-inch-square format, a self-imposed creative constraint. They feature abstract expressions through all sorts of media.

In the Lynwood Gallery is “Live, Love, Art: Works from the Collections of Judy and John Matthews.” Judy Matthews, who died in 2017, and her husband, who died in March, were longtime supporters of Piedmont Arts and Lynwood Artists. Their family wanted to share the couple’s collection of contemporary art with the community to which they were dedicated.

Those three exhibits are being set up this week, so the museum is closed. It will reopen Friday evening for a reception and artists talk, which starts at 5:30 p.m. To attend, RSVP to Piedmont Arts at 276-632-3221. The exhibits will be open through Oct. 5.

Weird phobiasIt’s said that half the people out there suffer from nomophobia. You’ve probably been well aware of people who can’t stand to be away from their cellphones. Here are some other phobias that you may not have heard of:

Ancraophibia: fear of wind

Spectrophobia: fear of mirrors and one’s own reflection

Linonophobia: fear of string

Ablutophobia: fear of cleaning, washing or bathing, known to occur more in children and women than men

Chorophobia: fear of dancing

Arachibutyrophobia: fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth

Allocoxaphobia: fear of opinions

Octophobia: fear of opening one’s eyes

Didaskaleinophobia: fear of going to school

Family reunion

The Hairston-Gallant family reunion will be this coming weekend at the Heritage Event Center (former Bassett Country Club).

It will begin at 3 p.m. Friday with a meet-and-greet session and auction. On Saturday, “fun and games” will begin at 11 a.m., followed by an old-fashioned picnic at 4-6 p.m. Sunday’s activities will start with breakfast at 8 a.m., followed by a memorial service.

SUNDAY’S TRIVIA ANSWER: Someone who has ovinophobia is afraid of sheep.

TODAY’S TRIVIA QUESTION: Which president grazed sheep on the White House lawn?

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